Nissan 200SX S13

1989 - 1993


Known in Japan and the USA as the 180SX. The S13 variant of Nissan's 200SX is one of the most popular choices for drifting. A great chassis and stock suspention, coupled with good weight distribution and plenty of horsepower ensure this car is great out of the box. After modification, the S13 is the ideal drift weapon.

Spares are easy to come by, but in it's Japanes homeland, parts were not so easy to come by. This resulted in some street drifters performing bodywork repairs using panels from the more common and cheaper Silvia. This resulted in a car we now know as the Sil80.

The CA18DET is a 1.8 litre turbo charged 4 pot. It's quite a rugged engine and delivers a healty amount of power. Nevertheless many drifters will replace this with the SR20DET taken from the S14. Later JDM derivatives of the S13 actually came with the SR20DET.

One weakpoint in the car's stock form is the lack of a LSD. Without a limited slip diff, the car has tendency to light up the inner tyre and can easily spin out. As these cars are now available for less than £1000, most drivers have no reservations about welding up the diff to ensure long, stable drifts are possible.


Layout F/R
Body Style Spts Cpe
Engine CA18DET
Engine Configuration 1809/4IL/ 2OHC
Power (hp/rpm) 164/6400
hp 164
Torque (lb ft/rpm) 163/4000
Transmission 5-spd/-
Tyres - wheels (in) 195/60-15
Length (in) 179
Weight (lb) 2752
Top speed (mph) 140
0-60 mph (sec) 6.8
Standing ¼ml (sec) 15.3
UK price (£) 17500