Quite literally half Silvia and Half 180SX. This was never a production car, but more a slang name for common drift modification.

In the early days of drifting, drifters who smashed up the front end of their 180SX (S13 200SX) would find themselves with a rather large repair bill. But becuase the underpinnings of the PS13 Silvia were identical, it was easy and cheaper to remove the broken 180SX parts, and rebuild the front end as a Silvia. This was not initially done for cosmetic reasons, although this did eventually turn into a trend, with perfectly good 180s being retro fitted with Silvia front ends.

The market for this modification was soon realised, and auto body shop "kids Heart" released a short run of 500 cars called Sileighty. These are seen by many to be the only real Sileightys, although they are still not a genuine production model. These cars left the shop with updrated suspension and LSD, as well as additional boost to the SR20DET engine.

In the drift scene you will still see Sileighty style cars, although these are unlikely to be genuine as a real one's are so rare and expensive. There are no known Sileighty's in the UK.

You can spot a real Sileighty from the decal on the rear side windows, and the badge on the front grille. A fake car would have 180SX or 200SX on the rear windows, and "Silvia" on the grille.



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