Nissan 200SX S14

1993 - 1997


Known as the 240SX in the states, and bearing the Silvia name in Japan. The S14 is a very rare beast in the UK. The car was not popular due to it's bland looks and heavy handling. It was geared more towards touring/cruising rather than a balls-out sports car like the predecessor. The Silvia tag is perhaps a better name for he car given the S13 Silva was more a cruiser/family car. Affectionaly know in Japan as the Zenki Silvia (literally translates to "earlier Silvia")

However, once tuned and with some subtle styling changes. The S14 becomes a bit of a beast! Basic mods can have 300BHP from the two litre engine. With stronger internals and a bigger turbo, 400BHP can be easily obtained. This makes the S14 a formidable opponent to it's bigger sister, the Skyline (for which they are often mistaken!)

Many pro drifters have started on S14s, it's extra length and standard SR20DET meant his is a great starting point for drifting, after spending a few quid on drift-spec mods.

The S14 was swiftly replaced with a facelifted version, the S14a.

Layout F/R
Body Style Spts Cpe
Engine SR20DET
Engine Configuration 1998/4IL/ 2OHC
Power (hp/rpm) 197/6400
hp 197
Torque (lb ft/rpm) 195/4800
Transmission 5-spd/Auto
Tyres - wheels (in) 205/55-16
Length (in) 178
Weight (lb) 2734
Top speed (mph) 146
0-60 mph (sec) 6.4
Standing ¼ml (sec) 15
UK price (£) 19250